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ABOUT prtcl

Prtcl (“protocol”) expertise covers bleeding-edge research in security and artificial intelligence.

The core team consists of Christian Killer (PhD), Jan von der Assen (PhD cand.), and Roman Fritschi.


We are bolstering your cyber resilience.

Security Advisory

Web3 security is not limited to Smart Contracts and on-chain risks. Security Advisory services delve into all of your current cybersecurity risks.


Penetration Testing

Security is not limited to the high-value assets in your organization. Each of our penetration tests includes an initial threat modeling and definition of trust boundaries.


Blockchain Security

Blockchains are incredibly adversarial environments where user assets are always at stake and up for the take, requiring vigilance and resilience.


Research, Intelligence & Development

Prtcl unites research skills with software engineering excellence and intelligence capabilities. Know where to research, how to accumulate data in a meaningful way and to run analysis on the identified data such that it suits your requirements, be that for an investigation into DeFi hacks, or to design a novel DeFi protocol or token.


Education & Training

Prtcl has experience in education and training, covering the expertise offered in our services.


Excellence in Web3 Security

WHY prtcl

Bleeding-edge Research Expertise

Prtcl's co-founder Christian Killer is concluding his Ph.D. and published peer-reviewed research in areas spanning applied cryptography, blockchains, and voting protocols. The strong foundation in research expertise enables prtcl to push the envelope in what is technically feasible.

Adversarial Mindset

Prtcl embodies the adversarial thinking you require in security and deploys it by default. The multi-disciplinary team's expertise in security and blockchains enables prtcl to deliver tailor-made security audits that think beyond the code, integrate holistic security thinking, and formulate and define findings that elevate our client to the next level.

Encompassing Consulting Solutions

Prtcl’s co-founder Roman is a digital venture builder and visionary that thinks out of the box. His track record shows that he is a serial entrepreneur who combines business savviness, technical expertise, and creativity, always finding the perfect solution with market readiness in mind.

Blog / News

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prtcl will be present at ZK Summit 9 in Lisbon

Prtcl will be present at the ninth ZK Summit in Lisbon.

prtcl Genesis Block

prtcl's genesis block was mined on December 22, 2022.